One Last Gift now available – And some more good stuff ahead…

Hello all! Got through formatting Dad’s tribute book earlier than I thought, so went ahead and pressed the button.

Currently, I am taking a couple of deep restorative breaths and enjoying our much cooler temperatures this week before diving into my next round of projects, which is:

  1. Plotting out exactly what Nathan, Bella, Lizzie, and crew have in store for them in book four, “Web of Secrets”; and
  2. Beginning book one of at least a three-book set in the ‘second chance romance’ genre. I’m truly excited about this. When I wrote a certain secondary character into “List of Secrets”, she most definitely had some hard breaks come her way due to how the story unfolded. So, I’ve opted to continue her personal quest for a ‘happily ever after’. More details on this forthcoming; my current plan is to have at least the first book, “Maddie & Mason”, out by Christmas!

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