Web of Secrets is off for Editing!

I’d given myself a deadline of 2/28/2020 to have it completed; pleased to say I finished it two weeks ahead of my schedule. Off to editing it’s gone, and I am very much on track to be able to easily release it out into the world on April 24, 2020 as planned.

Pre-ordering e-book versions of Web of Secrets is already set up across all retailers, if like me you get so excited about new releases that you wish to lock in your copy ahead of time…

Also, I began writing a contemporary romance novella series – 2 stories per book, with at least 3 books planned. Another Try books One and Two will go live on all retailers March 8th, and pre-ordering is already set up, for those who want to save their copies ahead of time. Another Try books Three and Four I hope to have completed and over to my editor by May 1st, at which time work will begin on book Five of the Vital Secrets series – Pair of Secrets.

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