General Updates

Hello to all, and I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, so, some things to share!

First – On the suspense side of my world – Vital Secrets Series updates!

  • WEB of Secrets, Book Four in the series, was released out into the world on April 17, 2020
  • WALL of Secrets Audiobook went live on (most) retailers on March 8. One retailer is lagging a bit, but I hope it shows up there very shortly.
  • BOOK of Secrets Audiobook production is underway, and with a bit of luck, will be released sometime before July gets here
  • PATH of Secrets, the fifth book in the Vital Secrets series, is about to get underway. My goal for that one is a release date of around October 15th.
  • CARNIVAL of Secrets, the sixth book, should be done and out the first quarter of 2021.

NOW – On the Romance side of things – Another Try Novellas updates!

  • Books One and Two went live around March 8th, and so far seem to be well received.
  • Books Three and Four are done, and traveling through editing as we speak. I’ve set up Pre-Order capability across all retailers, and this second installment in the Another Try set should go live on or before JULY 1st.
  • Books Five and Six I will get started writing just as soon as I get the fifth suspense book done; tentative release of the third round in the Another Try lineup will be sometime in November 2020.

Until next time, I wish you health, happiness, and great reads!


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