It’s a Work In Progress

Man what a whirlwind lately! But a good one.

On the D.F. Hart side of my world:

  • Vital Secrets series book four, Web of Secrets, was released on April 17th, and I think it was the best one in the series to date. Currently working on Path of Secrets; that one is due out on October 30th.
  • I’ve also mapped out a skeleton for a brand new series that sprang into my head that I am super excited about – the Raven’s Path series. If you’ve read through List of Secrets, you’ll know The Raven already – kind of. The new series will explore his story, tip to tail. I do believe it’s gonna be some page-turners! At the moment, I’m thinking sometime in early 2021 will be the debut of book one, Raven’s Rise, but I will fill you in as it draws closer. And as always, my newsletter folks will be the first to know!

As for Faith Hart:

  • Another Try Books Seven and Eight I hope to have done in time for Christmas; we will just to have to see how that goes.
  • I sent a survey out recently to my newsletter members, and 86.4% of those responding said they’d like a full-length romance novel from me. So, armed with that information, I believe Books Seven and Eight will round out the Another Try series as a nice finale in the novella-length stories.
  • Which means, I’m targeting late spring / early summer 2021 as the launch of my first ever, full-length (and just a tad spicier) contemporary romance book! Now, this will be fun, because I plan to involve my readers in this thing. I won’t spoil the surprise here, BUT, if you sign up for my romance newsletter, you’ll be in on the fun!

Wishing everyone health and happiness, and a big thank you again for all the support. It means more than you may ever know.

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