Books by Faith Hart

The Another Try Novellas

ANOTHER TRY – Books One and Two


Her husband’s murder made national headlines – as did all his sordid secrets. Heartbroken and humiliated, Maddie Nibless quietly takes back her maiden name and retreats into solitude – which deepens when she unexpectedly runs into the first unspoken love of her life. She only shows up at her twenty-year class reunion to keep a promise she made to her best friend. But the whispers start as soon as she arrives.

Everyone is stunned at Mason Gentries’ transformation from shy, overweight loner to handsome, muscular technology tycoon. His fellow alumni are entranced, vying for his attention. But he only came hoping to reconnect one last time with his secret crush, the girl he’s loved since elementary school – Maddie.

And when she leaves abruptly, he knows it may be his last chance to follow his heart.

Will Mason finally have the courage to tell Maddie how he feels? Will Maddie be able to overcome the her past and allow herself to try for happiness once more?


Trixie Benning– the no-nonsense Accounting Manager working her way up the corporate ladder.  She is highly intelligent, introverted, and for the most part, steadfast about keeping personal and work separated – except when it comes to him.

Drew Alexander– the President and CEO that seems to be her polar-opposite in personality. A confident extrovert with the type of ‘love-and-leave’ history that the tabloids salivate over. He’s used to getting what he wants – and he’s not happy with being told ‘no.’

When Trixie uncovers suspicious activity at the company, she and Drew must work closely together to repair the damage. But the deeper they dig, the greater the danger to them both.

They just might find the love of a lifetime – if they stop running from it long enough.

ANOTHER TRY – Books Three and Four


Evan and Karli Anders have been married for five years. She’s making plans for them when he gets home from his business trip.

An unexpected knock at the door turns out to be Jordan Baker – confirmed bachelor, Evan’s best friend, and the man she’s convinced can’t stand her – standing there, still in his EMT uniform, to give her the most horrible news of her life…

been killed in a drunk driving accident.

Karli must now navigate burying her husband, then prepare to face an additional challenge alone – have and raise the child she just found out she’s carrying. Or so she thinks.

What she doesn’t realize is that Jordan would happily step up and be the loving partner she wants and needs for the rest of her life – if she’ll only let him in.

But an unforeseen twist could dash all Jordan’s hopes for good.


Sarah Genard Karli Anders’ best friend and aspiring novelist. Three years earlier, she made a rash decision that left her with a tattered heart. While she acts like her life is going exactly as she planned it, she secretly longs to reconnect with that one special man, someone she genuinely loved – not just in body, but also in mind, heart, and soul.

Tim Fresco – Jordan Baker’s friend and co-worker who has sworn off women after a runaway bride left him standing alone and emotionally gutted at the altar. The mere thought of Sarah Genard both intrigues and terrifies him. Only he can decide whether to let fear keep him lonely or follow his heart and reach out for her – again.

ANOTHER TRY Books Five and Six

Book Five – ‘SHANNON & PETE’

Shannon Rivers The striking twenty-four-year-old with a heart of gold who’s running from trouble. Her main focus is surviving the life-or-death scenario she’s been unwittingly cast into the middle of. But when she meets Pete Jenkins, sparks fly despite the desperate circumstances that introduce them.

Pete Jenkins – The twenty-eight-year-old U.S. Marshal living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. His routine pre-shift morning ritual is upended when he is assigned to hide and protect two young women – Shannon Rivers, the target of some very ill intentions, and her roommate. Smitten with Shannon at first sight, Pete resolves to keep her safe – at any cost.

 Book Six – ‘LEAH & LARRY’

Leah Culverton – Shannon Rivers’ roommate and fiercely loyal best friend. A stubbornly independent and free-spirited soul, Leah takes orders from no one, least of all a bossy FBI man…no matter how attractive she finds him…

Larry Fuller – The FBI agent working to bring down a huge money laundering operation. With Shannon Rivers in harm’s way, it’s his job to make sure she’s safely hidden until the bad guys can be caught. But he has his hands (and his heart) full when he meets her feisty roommate, Leah.

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