2 of Harts Accounting Services

We will officially begin onboarding new clients on September 1 2023

Come grow with us!

Our Mission:

Empowering indie authors through bookkeeping services that not only track the ‘in and out’ but also provide tailored product analysis reporting to assist you in growing your business.

Why work with us?

  • Unlike most other bookkeeping service providers, we’re fluent in “indie author”. That means you get a seasoned Accounting professional who also understands things like ‘permafree’, ‘royalty split’, and waiting up to ninety days to get paid for a sale!
  • We apply a drill-down concept to your author business. We track units sold and the cost of each in addition to the ‘big ticket’ items like a BookBub Featured Deal and audiobook production. Any expense you have, we can capture!
  • Customized Chart of Accounts and Product Codes that allow for some awesome flexibility while remaining true to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Have twenty titles and four formats of each that you’d like to track? We can do that! Multiple pen names? We can do that! Translations? We can do that! Multi-currency? We can do that! Merchandise and other non-book income in the mix? We can do that! Track sales and compare between titles or series? We can do that too!
  • Monthly, quarterly, AND year-end reporting – You’ll not only get the standard Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reporting from us, but also detailed analysis by series / format / title to help you make informed decisions about the trajectory of your business – things like, “is now a good time to expand into audiobooks or translations?” These reports will also provide all data needed for your CPA and year-end tax filings.
  • We don’t need (or want) your sales platforms and banking login info. We believe that security and confidentiality are paramount, so, you’ll send us only what we need to track your revenue and expenses – you will control the data flow. No muss, very little fuss, and you can sleep well at night knowing your data remains secured!
  • We’re a family-owned company – no big faceless corporate entities here. Which means personalized service from folks who truly care about the health and success of your author business!

Sound good? Then click the button below and fill out our Client Intake Form!

IMPORTANT NOTE: 2 of Harts Accounting Services is NOT a CPA firm, and we will not provide any filing services or tax advice. Please consult a certified professional in your area to address any and all tax-related questions / concerns. However – the reporting we provide you will enable you to simply forward it on to your tax professional!

Meet the Team:

We’re not just co-owners, we’re sisters – and best friends.

Scroll down to learn more about us!

DeAnna Hart is an Accounting veteran with over twenty-seven years’ experience and a deep background in multiple industries including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, commercial construction, higher education, rotorcraft services, and industrial equipment sales and rental. She’s done it all, from full cycle Accounts Payable all the way up to preparing monthly financial statements and everything in between.

DeAnna holds Sage Accounting and Quickbooks ProAdvisor certifications in addition to her Masters of Business Administration with Accounting concentration.

She’s also a fellow indie author! Her pen name is D.F. Hart, and with nineteen titles and counting under her belt – including Accounting for Authors – she understands the nuances and challenges specific to self-publishing that indie authors face.

Leah Wallace has over twenty years’ experience with full cycle Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, as well as POS accounting, across multiple industries such as manufacturing, culinary and distribution.   She has worked for small businesses with less than ten employees, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. 

Leah holds Sage Accounting and Quickbooks ProAdvisor certifications in addition to an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences with a Business Accounting focus.

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