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Tools and Templates

D.F. Hart will be in touch. In the meantime, check out these resources!

Break Even, ROI, Read and Sell Through Worksheets

(updated 4.26.23)

Basic Financial Tracking Templates

NEW!!! – ROI, Cost Per Click, Cost per Sale VIDEO

Break Even CALC VIDEO (under construction)

READ-THROUGH CALC VIDEO (under construction)

SELL-THROUGH CALC VIDEO (under construction)

Let’s Play Stoplight! – Risk Tolerance and Risk Capacity VIDEO (under construction)

Bookkeeping Services Survey

Hidden Gems blog: Accounting for Authors

The Empowered Author Podcast: Accounting for Authors

Writer’s Fun Zone blog: Applying Accounting Concepts to an Author’s World

The Indy Author Podcast: ROI for Authors

TurboTax Blog about recent changes to Paypal and Venmo and year-end reporting – Article by Katharina Reekmans

Hidden Gems Podcast: Using Risk Tolerance and Risk Capacity in your Author Business

D.F. Hart uses ScribeCount as a way to easily gather and review all her book sales data. Check out this easy to use and time-saving author tool for yourself!

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