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The Vital Secrets Series

Follow FBI Profiler Nathan Thomas and his team as they catch killers – and also try to balance their personal and professional lives.

Book One: Book of Secrets

They survive a nightmare – but they don’t escape unscathed.

When FBI profiler Nathan Thomas meets Bella Amsel, he realizes she might very well be his dream girl. Too bad she has a stalker that neither of them know about – at first.
A harrowing ordeal puts Nathan and Bella face to face with pure evil.
Little do they know – it’s only the beginning.
The psychopath obsessed with Bella isn’t giving up that easily.

Will Nathan sacrifice everything he stands for to keep Bella safe?

Book Two: List of Secrets

It could just be coincidence; it could also be revenge.

Hardened cop Frank Zimmerman doesn’t believe in coincidences. Neither does FBI profiler Nathan Thomas.

A drowned lawyer, a fatal car accident, and a socialite’s lethal fall in front of a huge crowd all have their cop antennae pinging – hard.

They dig for evidence to support a wild theory of a trail of bodies that lead into the past.

What’s going on? And who will die next?

Book Three: Web of Secrets

So many to choose from…

Someone’s killing one college co-ed a month in North Texas.

A predator with exacting tastes uses technology to select his targets.

…So little time…

Detective Joe Wallace andFBI profiler Nathan Thomas see his pattern – But they’re scrambling to figure out his methods.

How many victims will he add to his collection before he’s stopped?

Book Four: Path of Secrets

Sometimes the road less traveled contains monsters…

Grant Forrester is living his lifelong dream.

He’s finally become a respected voice as the Arts and Entertainment writer for The Best of Texas, the state’s premier magazine. Through him, hundreds of thousands of readers discover the hidden treasures of rich history Texas has to offer.

He has it all… including a trail of bodies left in his wake…

FBI Profiler Nathan Thomas and his team must follow the clues that directly contradict Grant’s claims of innocence to get to the truth.

Is Grant Forrester really also an innocent victim – or a serial killer hiding in plain sight?

Book Five: Carnival of Secrets

Some cases hit closer to home than others…

FBI profiler Nathan Thomas and his team are determined to find and stop a cold-blooded, dispassionate killer whose machinations claim the most innocent of victims – small children.

Nathan’s delicate balancing act between his professional life as a federal agent and his personal life as a loving husband and doting father will be put to the ultimate test – and the result could shatter his world.

Book Six: House of Secrets

What happens when the man whose specialty is hunting down killers becomes the hunted?

FBI agent Nathan Thomas faces a new whole challenge – solve the puzzle of several mysterious and unreported deaths in rural Texas, while also facing off against a ruthless and lethal cartel head.

Unbeknownst to Nathan, the clock is already ticking… and not everyone in his circle will survive the countdown.

Can Nathan keep himself, his loved ones, and his team alive long enough to bring a homicidal maniac to justice and end the threat that looms over them all?

Book Seven: End of Secrets

Sometimes reunions aren’t happy…

Still reeling from an unexpected loss, FBI profiler Nathan Thomas finds himself embroiled in war on two fronts: against a cartel that’s declared open season on his team, and a shrewd but extremely unbalanced serial killer desperate for Nathan’s undivided attention.

But Nathan Thomas won’t go down without a fight…

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