Books by D.F. Hart



What can stop the rise of a Fourth Reich on American soil?

If one man has his way, absolutely nothing.


Adolf Warner is a second-generation Nazi whose sole focus is to restore Hitler’s Reich to its proper glory.

Manfred Amsel is a college professor and Allied spy, tucked in the Soviet sector of a conquered and divided Berlin. 

Each man flees the Soviet sector to avoid capture.

Fifty years later, their paths cross again – this time in America.

Will the United States be the new home of the Fourth Reich?



They survived a nightmare – but not unscathed.

FBI profiler Nathan Thomas and fiancee Bella Amsel begin to mend their lives after the horror of kidnapping and murder.

Little do they know – it’s only the beginning.

The psychopath obsessed with Bella isn’t giving up.

Will Nathan sacrifice everything he stands for to keep Bella safe?

Book Three: List of Secrets

It could just be coincidence; it could also be revenge.

Hardened cop Frank Zimmerman doesn’t believe in coincidences.

A drowned lawyer, a fatal car accident, and a socialite’s lethal fall in front of a huge crowd all have his cop antennae pinging – hard.

He digs for evidence to support his theory of a trail of bodies that lead into the past.

What’s going on? And who will die next?

Book Four: Web of Secrets

So many to choose from…

Someone’s killing one college co-ed a month in North Texas.

A predator with exacting tastes uses technology to select his targets.

…So little time…

Detective Joe Wallace and BAU agent Nathan Thomas see his pattern – But they’re scrambling to figure out his methods.

How many victims will he add to his collection before he’s stopped?

Book Five: Path of Secrets – Coming Fall 2020

Sometimes the road less traveled contains monsters…

Grant Forrester is living his lifelong dream.

He’s finally become a respected voice as the Arts and Entertainment writer for The Best of Texas, the state’s premier magazine. Through him, hundreds of thousands of readers discover the hidden treasures of rich history Texas has to offer.

He has it all… including a trail of bodies left in his wake…

FBI Profiler Nathan Thomas and his team must follow the clues that directly contradict Grant’s claims of innocence to get to the truth.

Is Grant Forrester really also an innocent victim – or a serial killer hiding in plain sight?

Carnival of Secrets – Spring 2021

A brand-new plague is creeping across Texas, claiming the most innocent of victims – small children.

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