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I think Mother Nature may have missed a spot or two…

So, supposedly, “Fall” was scheduled to begin September the 22nd, according to my handy dandy wall calendar… 

And so I am confused because perhaps no one gave whomever Mother Nature assigned to handle Texas the memo, or something?

It got up to ninety degrees here today.

Ninety. Nine-Zero.


I don’t know about you, but ninety degrees is not ‘fall weather’ in my opinion, just sayin’. “Fall” down here so far this year in north Texas is coming across like that one friend we all have. You know the one, who’s a delight but also that’s a little eccentric, who always wants to make plans to get together – and then bails at the last minute Every.Single.Time?

Anyway – I have my central air conditioning still running, and will ‘endeavor to persevere’ until such time as “fall” decides to finally join us in the Lone Star State.

Now – Book updates and stuff! 

House of Secrets is rocking right along, and I am on target to get it finished and to my editor before November’s out, so I am pretty pleased. It doesn’t release until December 30th, but of course, it IS available to pre-order already, so, here’s the link to that if you wanna reserve your copy early! 

Talk to you next month!

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