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Predators in Publishing

Dear Fellow Authors,

If you receive an email (or phone call) resembling this:

RUN, don’t walk, the other direction. It’s a vanity press.

I cannot stress strongly enough – Money should flow TO, not from, the author.

This particular scammy, spammy vanity press offers three different pricing tiers – How…. capitalist of them…

But here’s the thing. For a FRACTION of the cost, indie authors can do this stuff themselves:

Below is Scammy Spammy Vanity Press’s lowest tier offering – and my rebuttal:

If you get approached like this and you’re not sure whether an entity is a legit publisher or a vanity press, PLEASE do some homework before you engage and ESPECIALLY before you part with any money. ALLi (the Alliance of Independent Authors) keeps a list of service ratings and report – a Watchdog Desk – that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Click HERE to find out more about ALLi.

Another excellent resource is the Writer Beware website and blog to help you steer clear of predators like these.

Wishing everyone health, happiness, and great reads! – D.F. Hart

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