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Dream big, Ya’ll

So I was thinking earlier about how cool it would be if my Vital Secrets books got picked up by one of the streaming video services, and who I think would be really good choices to play the characters.

I say streaming services, because there’s just way too much good stuff to try to cram into a ninety-minute or even two-hour feature film.

Now granted, between the day job and the writing, I don’t watch much stuff on TV lately. But I know who and what I like, and who I think would really bring Nathan and Lizzie and the rest of the cast to life properly.

If I had a chance to build my ‘dream team’ to bring my stories over into a visual medium, my choices would be (drum roll please):

Character NameActor/Actress

Now, ya’ll know that there are more recurring characters than what’s listed here. But this list is a good start in the whole ‘If I could do this and pick anyone I want’ department!

Will it ever happen? Who knows.

But man, would I love to see this amazingly talented bunch of people bring my stories to life on a screen somewhere…

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