Book Three now available, and a general update!

Well, over a month earlier than I first expected, List of Secrets is done and out. While I really enjoyed writing the first two in the Vital Secrets series, I think this third one might just be the best one yet!

Next on the list is to finish typing and formatting “One Last Gift.” This is the collection of short stories and poems my Dad wrote sometime around 1994. We lost him just over a month ago, and we found this treasure trove as we were sorting through his things. Dad was a multi-talented guy, and among those talents was the ability to weave interesting stories. I think he’d truly get a kick out of knowing his writings are about to be out in the world for others to enjoy.

I finally got the last building blocks into place, and the newsletter setup is up and running. Subscribers will receive a ‘thank you’ gift – a supplement to the Vital Secrets series, that will never be widely released. It gives a bit more background on the series’ central characters, and also a bit more data about me, if you’re interested. Folks who join the newsletter will also be the very, very first to get a chance to be Advance Review Copy readers of new books BEFORE they’re published, and know ahead of time when a sale, discount, or promotion is coming up.

But it’s a bit selfish on my part too, I must admit. Because I love learning more about those who enjoy my books, and I welcome emails introducing yourself and asking questions – Always happy to make new friends!

To get signed up for the newsletter, come to 2ofharts.com and fill out the pop-up box that appears. OR, you can click on the Contact tab, scroll down just a tad, and sign up on that part of my site as well.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with you!

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