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A little break from it

So I’m sitting here on a rainy, somewhat gloomy Friday night in North Texas. (Note: Whomever in this area that kept looking for fall to arrive, you can call off the search, we’ve found it!) Currently it’s a brisk forty-six degrees, and misty out, and I’ve opted to take a break from writing just to post some random thoughts. this evening.

Outside my window I can hear my smallest furbaby, Harley, raising a racket. It’s a hobby of his, and bless him, he’s quite good at it, preferring to wait until most everyone is asleep. For that reason, we usually block the dog door overnight, to allow our neighbors a respite from his… boisterous behavior. Beyond his tendency to want to go outside and bark at absolutely any and everything at unreasonable hours, he’s a pretty cool little dude who can and does take naps in the most ridiculous positions. (For proof of that, check out some of the pictures below.)

Scooter, our other rescue, is older and tends to the mellow side, unless we have someone knock at the front door. Then, regardless if it’s someone he knows or not, he too launches into orbit for a short while before settling back into his mellow vibe. He’s our dog that can tell time, believe it or not. He knows when I come home for lunch – they get a treat when I do – and he knows precisely when Rick should be home, and when Rick runs late, we get the second pic shown below. He will perch there and wait, looking at the front door.

We got Harley out of dog jail three years ago I believe it was, in August, so he just turned five. “Scootie”, on the other hand, was only about six months old when Rick rescued him. He’ll be ten this coming July.

Can they drive me absolutely bonkers at times? You betcha.

Could I ever envision our lives without them?

Absolutely not.

Scooter, the elder statesman, is the white one. And that little lovely that blends so well with our furniture is our night owl, Harley.

Well, it’s getting late, and this chapter’s not writing itself, so I’d better get back to it – After I bring my little noisemaker in for the night and close the doggie door, that is!

Til next time, wishing you health, happiness, and great reads! – D.

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